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St. Lucia Wellness is a comprehensive, compassionate utilization of plant-based cannabinoid therapy. We treat our patients with a customized, microdosed titration method. Our clients are not only treated, but educated on why cannabinoids benefit the body and naturally balance homeostasis.

When we vacationed to St. Lucia January 2023, we fell in love with the Island and its people. While we were there, we learned many young men and women were diagnosed with the C-word. Ashleigh immediately saw this as an opportunity to use her knowledge of dosing cannabinoids to combat the C-word in local St. Lucians. The dream is to not only open a cannabinoid c-word center in St. Lucia to treat locals, but we will have a destination wellness center on the island for tourists to be treated in the Caribbean.

In 2014, a family member died from epilepsy. 14 years old and four months after diagnosis. After he passed away, Rosson wanted to know why families were literally uprooting their lives so their kids could use MM and plant-based medicine. It was stopping seizures. Why?

Beginning in 2017, she began reaching out to people in the MM field and began gathering information and building a network of people. In 2018, she became a Certified MM Practitioner. She specializes in microdosing/titrating patients to the level required to combat their ailment or disease.

The primary reason for our consultation is to determine if this therapy is right for the client and their family. We work primarily with seniors and clients who have autoimmune issues, severe pain and cancer. If you have considered cannabinoid therapy, please click below to contact us.

Rates are determined during the initial consultation.

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Our mission is to compassionately nurture the human spirit of those experiencing suffering. Through the utilization of plant-based medicine, we offer a holistic approach that encompasses love, support, education, and healing for our clients. Our goal is to unveil the transformative potential of plant-based, organic products, revealing them as the key to achieving optimal health, wellness, and rediscovering your bodies’ natural homeostasis. Our values align us to educate our clients, maintain the purity of our products for ideal health and wellness. Product Integrity: Our unwavering values drive us to uphold the utmost purity in our offerings, ensuring they remain a cornerstone for attaining peak health and holistic well-being.

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We lead the way towards improved health and wellness by offering personalized coaching and various group events, which can be attended in-person, online, or virtually. This is enhanced by our affiliation with OMCIRC, granting you the privilege of accessing an ever-expanding collection of information and research whenever you need it.

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To cater to demanding schedules, clients with mobility challenges, and accessibility concerns, consultations are conducted either in the comfort of your residence or at a venue of your preference. Truly embodying a concierge-style service!

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